Change Your Financial Destiny

We live in a new world where women have the power to experience financial sufficiency and build limitless life long wealth. But why aren't many of us doing that? As smart, caring and conscious women who are called to be change agents, we yearn to give in a really big way. In fact, we have bold goals and visions yet we realize that our ability to do our work in the world is financially under-supported. That happens all too often because we keep trying the same old methods based on the traditionally masculine way of making money and that doesn't work anymore. The problem is we are not able to receive at a level that would support us in giving in the big ways we desire. Far too many of us STILL don't own and express our value in ways that align with our need to amplify our impact, influence and income; so we fall short on fulfilling our divine destiny. But we can change our financial destiny if we are willing.  


Does any of this limit your financial freedom?

  • You feel afraid to ask for money or charge lucrative rates because the martyr archetype sabotages your income
  • You absolutely refuse to twist yourself into a pretzel to follow the traditionally masculine money making model so you end up in the waiting room instead of the creating room
  • You feel like a "taker" when you do get paid because you think you are consuming someone else's supply
  • Every time you attempt to have a financial breakthrough you end up experiencing a financial breakdown 
  • You are sick of having less than enough money because you know you cannot fulfill your destiny without mastering this area of your life
  • You are tired of feeling frustrated about making money because it creates a deep inner conflict with your spiritual beliefs and aspirations  

It's time women fully stepped into their power and embraced their feminine financial intelligence! 

But in order to do that, we have to experience a feminine financial paradigm shift.

In the Change Your Financial Destiny Program you will:  

  • Heal the money shame of the past 
  • Adopt prosperity postures that allow you to harness the power of the limitless Universe and bring money in now
  • Develop an empowered and co-creative relationship with the divine flow of money  
  • Align your spiritual yearnings and values with your financial destiny  
  • Embrace Superabundance as one of your vital super powers on your courageous and conscious journey  
  • Amplify your contribution and maximize your ability to receive more than you'll ever need
  • Learn how to use Financial Self-Care to increase your overflow consistently  


Here's What You'll Get...

Six Course Modules

Module One

Awakening Your Feminine Financial Intelligence

Discover how to evolve your relationship to money and incorporate the feminine into today's world, manifesting money in alignment with your core values.

Module Two

The Power To Boldy Manifest

Release the key block that is stifling and limiting your income. Align your financial yearnings with your destiny and become a master at manifesting.

Module Three

Co-Creating Your Financial Destiny

Develop an empowered and co-creative relationship with the divine flow of money, minimizing financial breakdowns.

Module Four

The Power To Courageously Receive

Discover how to transform the martyr archetype into becoming the benevolent receiver, break the cycle of servitude and communicate your value in ways that forever maximize your feminine earning power.

Module Five

Activating & Amplifying Your Feminine Financial Intelligence

Learn how to code your unique feminine financial intelligence for greatness and amplify your ability to experience extraordinary success.

Module Six

Embracing Your Radiant Financial Future

Learn how to harness the true power of financial sufficiency and align your future with your deep desire to give. Create an easily achievable prosperity plan for living financially free.

Private Coaching, Master Classes & Live Interactive Virtual Retreat

A Prosperity Project + Private Coaching

Together we will design and develop a prosperity project that supports your future vision of wealth. We will move through any inner or outer barriers limiting your ability to make money now in 6 private coaching sessions.

Breaking Through Your Financial Glass Ceiling

In a live, interactive virtual retreat, we will release the money shame and guilt of the past, shatter your financial glass ceiling, embrace forgiveness and step into a financially radiant future together. 

Master Classes Designed to Boost Your Financial Literacy

*Catalyzing Your Quantum Contribution with Dr. Jean Houston

*Dispelling The Money Myths Your Inner Mean Girl Tells You with Amy Ahlers-The Wake Up Call Coach

-Much more on investing and philanthropy, etc

About Julie

Julie Steelman earned her way out of the corporate world at the young age of 47 by discovering she possessed a unique feminine financial intelligence. She quickly learned that all women can easily learn to access it, creating a new style of feminine earning power. Based on her wildly successful experience, Julie developed an innovative income amplification system that allowed her to generate more than $100 million in advertising revenue during the rise and rapid expansion of internet commerce.

Julie's powerful courses are designed to revolutionize women's relationship to money; one that results in them developing a confident self-worth that leads to a robust net worth. In her ground-breaking "Change Your Financial Destiny" program, Julie generously shares all of her knowledge, wisdom, secrets and fun ways to create long-lasting financial freedom

Julie is a certified Feminine Power Coach, holds a masters degree in Spiritual Psychology and has had a 25-year career in iconic corporate brand sales. She is also the author of a highly praised book for female entrepreneurs, The Effortless Yes and is the creator of The Effortless Yes Selling System.